Connecting your exchange to our telephone infrastructure


We will connect your telephone exchange or your voice system to our central voice exchange. All administration and functionality of telephone services remains with you, we will provide you with quality outgoing and incoming calls at advantageous tariffs.

  • Connection of the customer's telephone exchange 
  • Assigning or porting numbers in the fixed telephone network
  • Detailed billing of call charges 
  • Possibility of blocking specific groups of calls 
  • Possibility of SLA 

Technical details

  • Possibility to connect via standard Internet (regardless of the provider)
  • Possibility of secured operation via our private network separate from the Internet
  • Supported SIP protocol, or H.323
  • Supported codecs G.729 and G.711
  • Basic monitoring of fraudulent calls
  • Assigning DID extensions of 10, 100, 1000, 10000 numbers, or their porting

Would you like to order the connection or do you have any questions?

You can simply call or email us.
+420 226 204 111
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