Quantcom has blocked 22 Russian disinformation sites through its networks

  • Quantcom
  • 26. února 2022
  • 2 min čtení

Yesterday, Quantcom blocked the operation of a total of 22 websites in its networks, which the National Center for Cyber ​​Operations (NCKO) identified as tools for deceiving and manipulating the population of the Czech Republic. The aim of these sites was to influence public opinion for a long time, and these days especially to justify and approve the current Russian military aggression against Ukraine.


Dial Telecom is now called Quantcom - Connecting Professionals

  • Quantcom
  • 5. ledna 2022
  • 5 min čtení

Dial Telecom, one of the four largest owners of optical networks in the Czech Republic, is now called Quantcom


Dial Telecom Averts DDoS Attack

  • Quantcom
  • 11. května 2021
  • 4 min čtení

Dial Telecom a.s., one of the leading Czech providers of data and voice services, recently averted a massive DDoS attack of over 65 Gbps, which affected one of the clients in the Czech Republic. The AntiDDoS protection applied by Dial Telecom is so strong that the attack was eventually averted without any disruption to other traffic.


Dial Telecom is investing heavily in the development of optical networks

  • Quantcom
  • 23. dubna 2021
  • 5 min čtení

Dial Telecom a.s., a leading Czech provider of data and voice services, has recently made extensive investments in the development of national and metropolitan optical networks and in connecting office buildings and business centres. The investment of almost one hundred million crowns has also affected the increase of existing capacities and network security. Despite the unfavourable economic situation due to Covid 19, Dial Telecom continues to think about its customers, innovate technologies and expand its services.


2nd wave of vaccination registrations and busy line 1221

  • Quantcom
  • 4. března 2021
  • 2 min čtení

The launch of the 2nd wave of vaccination registrations for teachers and seniors 70+, in connection with the occupancy of line 1221, located in the Dial Telecom network, went smoothly as expected. The smooth running was influenced by several factors.

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