Your customers will call you for free


We will arrange for you to dial 800 XXX XXX, for which call charges are free for callers. You can choose to route to one or several numbers, with any provider in the Czech Republic and abroad. Alternatively, we can assign you a number. 

  • Customers can choose their numbers 
  • The number is routed to one or more standard telephone numbers 
  • For the number 800xxxx, the operating costs (call charges) are paid by the called party. It is free for callers 
  • For the number 8XYxxxx, the caller pays a part of the costs and the called party pays the remaining part 

Technical details

  • Wide range of routing settings to specific numbers according to time or traffic
  • Possibility of service in the form of an international line, available in about 50 countries around the world
  • Possibility of extended functions by IVR, call recording, automatic announcements
  • Assigning an 800 number, or its porting
  • Possibility of assigning a gold (easy to remember) number
  • Assigning a number reachable from abroad, or its porting

Would you like to order the connection or do you have any questions?

You can simply call or email us.
+420 226 204 111
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