HDPE ducts for your cables


If you are building your own optical infrastructure, we offer you the lease of HDPE ducts in some parts of our network. 

  • An effective way to build your backbone network 
  • Leasing an entire duct that has an almost inexhaustible capacity for the future 
  • Placement of ducts in low-risk locations, along gas pipelines 
  • The use of existing routes leads to significant time savings compared to the construction itself 
  • Saving time and costs when building a network 
  • Free choice to use a cable type in the HDPE duct 

Technical details

  • Assistance with hubbing
  • Error correction assistance
  • Possibilities of providing housing for signal regeneration in the route
  • Possibility to use the service of blowing cables and welding optical fibers
  • Possibility to use network services

Would you like to order the connection or do you have any questions?

You can simply call or email us.
+420 226 204 111
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