Connection for professionals


Demand for our services is still growing. Whether you are a multinational company, a small or medium-sized company, a research institute or an Internet provider, we have a complex connection for you with a guaranteed symmetrical speed. 

  • Over 900 office centers connected to the optical metropolitan network 
  • Own infrastructure to exchanges NIX.CZ, DE-CIX, ECIX, AMS-IX, LINX, SIX.SK, VIX.AT 
  • Direct peering with more than 500 global providers and content providers 
  • Preferred last mile supplier for global providers 

Technical details

  • Optical backbone network longer than 5,000 km
  • Exceptionally low latency into European peering exchanges
  • Network infrastructure protection against DDos
  • CORE network technologies Cisco, Juniper
  • IP addresses IPv4 and IPv6

Would you like to order the connection or do you have any questions?

You can simply call or email us.
+420 226 204 111
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