Yesterday, Quantcom blocked the operation of a total of 22 websites in its networks, which the National Center for Cyber ​​Operations (NCKO) identified as tools for deceiving and manipulating the population of the Czech Republic. The aim of these sites was to influence public opinion for a long time, and these days especially to justify and approve the current Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

This measure is also in line with the Czech government's call of 25 February 2022 for all relevant telecommunications entities to take the necessary measures to prevent the dissemination of false information, which serves as a tool of Russian propaganda in cyberspace. NCKO also called for the blocking the websites.

As stated in the NCKO call, at present the Czech public has been exposed to the dissemination of information which, in its essence, supports aggression, which is also punishable in accordance with international law.

The blocking applies to the following websites:



For further information, please contact Eva Hrubešová, Marketing & PR, tel .: 724 631 232

About Quantcom:

Quantcom (formerly Dial Telecom) is a nationwide telecommunications operator, one of the four largest owners of optical networks in the Czech Republic. Its network has about 4700 kilometers of optical fibers. It operates a backbone data route throughout the Czech Republic, which is followed by optical metropolitan networks in Prague, Brno and other cities. This purely Czech company specializes exclusively in services for companies and wholesale partners, including hosting and ICT. The group also includes Pe3ny Net, which offers Internet access for households.

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