The acquisition will expand services in the field of energy cost management

(Prague, July 29, 2022) Quantcom, a nationwide telecommunications operator providing fast internet and data services to companies through its own optical network, strengthens its position  in the area of ​​the Internet of Things (IoT). On June 30, 2022, the company bought SOFTLINK s.r.o., a private technology company focused on remote energy reading and cost management. Thus, a strong player is emerging on the Czech market in the field of remote readings of energy and water and in the field of optimization of energy consumption and energy management.

SOFTLINK creates a complete (end-to-end) solution for remote readings of water, heat, electricity and gas. It develops and manufactures radio modules and sensors for these solutions, including sensors for measuring various physical quantities, and develops its own software. The SOFTLINK application makes it possible to optimize consumption, manage costs and bill them to individual tenants, for example in apartment buildings, shopping centers or logistics parks.

Quantcom is planning to connect the SOFTLINK solution with the Telemetry Services division, which also offers similar services. Both parties agreed not to disclose the price of the transaction.

Jaromír Charvát, co-founder and director of SOFTLINK, says about the transaction: “Quantcom and its Telemetry Services are well-established players on the market. Joining us greatly expands the portfolio of technological solutions that can be offered to customers, for example in the field of energy management and regulation.”

"For Quantcom, the acquisition of SOFTLINK also means that we will be able to reach out to developers and owners of administrative buildings not only with the offer of very fast and stable fiber optic internet, but also with add-on services in the field of energy and water consumption management," says Jiří Kutílek, who is Quantcom's marketing and B2B manager. "I expect a similar expansion of the offer portfolio at our other subsidiary company Pe3ny Net, namely with regard to apartment buildings and HOAs. These are areas that are particularly relevant nowadays for building owners," he adds.


SOFTLINK, based in Kralupy nad Vltavou, started in 2008 as a developer of software for remote readings. Now it also has its own development and production of radio modems in the 169 and 868 MHz bands or devices for the Internet of Things based on SIGFOX, NB IoT or LoraWan technologies. The company currently has more than 600 customers - from owners of apartment buildings to owners of industrial parks such as Prologis or CPI.

In the field of so-called Smart Metering, it helps, for example, to collect data on water consumption at ten thousand collection points for the Prague Waterworks and Sewerage. It provides a similar service for water companies in Hradec Králové, Cheb, Aš, Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně and other cities. SOFTLINK also cooperates with the state administration and municipalities. In Hradec Králové, for example, it collects data on water and electricity consumption in more than three hundred buildings managed by the city, including schools, kindergartens and administrative buildings. For example, the system monitors water leaks or accidents. The company had sales of 46 million crowns last year.


Quantcom (formerly Dial Telecom) is a nationwide telecommunications operator providing data, hosting and ICT services. The company is among the four largest owners of optical infrastructure in the country - together with Cetin, T-Mobile and Vodafone. Part of this infrastructure is the Central European backbone network across the entire Czech Republic, which is connected to the optical metropolitan networks owned by the company in Prague, Brno and regional cities. Quantcom focuses exclusively on business customers (B2B), services for residential customers are provided by the subsidiary Pe3ny Net.

Quantcom is also an important player in the wholesale data capacity market and in data transmission across Central Europe. For example, three of the four largest technology companies in the world use its services. The group has 195 employees and reported a turnover of 1.04 billion crowns in 2021 with an approximate consolidated EBITDA profit of 30%.


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